Sheet piles are elements used to support the vertical walls of deep excavations, which goes bellow the level of ground waters.  The presence of sheet piles within a construction has a double role: support the excavation walls and build a water- tight wall, which does not allow water infiltration. 

Sheet piles can be made of wood,plastic, metal or reinforced concrete. Metal sheet piles are most frequently used in constructions.

Metal sheet piles are used for deep excavations, performed under the level of ground waters. They can be used with both temporary and permanent role. Sheet piles can easily be recovered from the construction. The disadvantages consist in the fact that their installation causes noise and vibrations, which can be disturbing for the inhabitants in the constructionm area. Metal sheet piles are also more expensive than wood or reinforced concrete sheet piles. This is the reason why, the use of metal sheet piles within buildings located in urban areas, is limited.

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