OCTAGON CONTRACTING & ENGINEERING is a strong player on the Romanian construction market with 11 years of experience. In 2005 a small but enthusiastic team made of specialists with a broad experience in construction laid the foundation of the company, during a period of fast development of the construction market. OCTAGON has had from the beginning a dynamic activity, reflected in a large number of construction projects.

Today, OCTAGON team counts 116 employees and is involved in the execution of projects from various construction segments: office, residential, retail, road infrastructure. Our main purpose is to build projects that improve the working environment and the life quality of their inhabitants. Innovative thinking, competence, partnership spirit and maintaining transparency are the main concepts that define the activity of OCTAGON.

After 11 years of accomplishments, challenges, obstacles and hard work, OCTAGON is one of the top players on the construction market, a position that the company earned due to the high quality of delivered works and the ability to deliver complex projects within the agreed budgets and deadlines. We have great plans for the future and we follow the motto that set us on this growth path: “The sky is the limit!

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